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NET TANGLE is committed to provide long-term support and Tracking solutions to its customers.

Our goal is to provision both businesses and individuals with the capability to instantly locate whatever your value most. We specializes on delivering tracking services to individuals with vehicles, personnel and assets on the field combining GPS, Satellite and wireless communication technologies.

The GPS technology todays in the market challenge us to create not only a complete Tracking solution but also it has to be simple, accurate and affordable.

“A geographic position has infinite amount of applications but we have chosen the positives ones to tangle our world.”
Net Tangle Inc.
Company Vision


We believe we are on the stage of the earth to create great products.

We are constantly innovating turning the complex on simple. We also believe that we need to own and control the technologies behind the GPS Tracking products to create and impact the market with significant contributions.
Strategic Growth


For a business to survive, growth is an imperative, not an option.

The primary objective of any business is to grow revenues and increase profits. But not at a cost you can't afford. You need execution, you need results, not just ideas, and that's exactly what our products bring to you: Afordable results.
Who do we Serve to

Who do we
Serve to

Our Tracking solutions have no boundaries, but particular business are more favored.

Security, Fleet Management, Assets control represent the most common fields where our products are used. Where are my Relatives?, My stolen Vehicle can be recovered?. Why my fleet has these expenses?. If you have questions like these then you are on our scope.
Online Support


Our professional services work around the clock to build a foundation for your success.

We know you may have questions about devices, configurations, apps etc. but Net Tangle will stand by your side all the way up to the satisfaction.